AudioCat is a Berlin-based mastering studio run by Lillia Betz. 


"Having studied mastering at Berklee College of Music since 2009, I began actively working as a mastering engineer in 2015. A year later, my studio was officially incorporated under the name AudioCat. The progress made that year can be attributed to working with a number of talented artists and labels having a strong presence in the L.A. experimental electronic music scene. As a result, I am now particularly experienced as an audio engineer in this musical area, but all genres are welcomed and held to the same high standards.

The foundational belief here at AudioCat, is that mastering should ultimately add value to a track and to you as its creator. Simply put, if your track sounds great, it reflects well on you. Committing to bringing your sound to its full potential implies dedication and professionalism on your part as an artist. Sadly, many great tracks end up being overlooked or dismissed as amateur, because of their sounding like demos. Getting your track mastered clearly communicates the fact that you take your craft seriously. This is especially relevant in situations such as the following: playing your music on a quality audio system (i.e at a venue or festival), sending out promos of your tracks for DJs to play out or on radio shows, showing a portfolio of work to a label you'd like to release on, etc.

That being said, this value is only applicable if the mastering engineer prioritizes consistent quality results over billable hours. I believe that every person involved in the process of making a track should ultimately be striving towards the same outcome: for the music to be rendered in the best of lights. I would simply feel dishonest providing you with anything less than my best. This guarantee of excellency in results is what ends up being monetized. Since every project is different and treated as such, the desired level of quality could be achieved in a matter of hours just as well as it could take weeks of going back and forth with the artist. What matters most is that everyone ends up happy with the result.

In all cases, I invite you to openly communicate with me throughout the process, so that your preferences can be taken into consideration. If you send me a reference track as a way of explaining your overall target sound, I will take it into account as well. I can also provide mixing suggestions upon request. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, ask questions, or express concerns that we can discuss. I'd like to think of this as working with you, rather than for you."


- Lillia Betz, AudioCat Mastering

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